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[xa_acc style=”xa-default” ][xa_slide title=”Decoilers” openclose=”” icon=”download”]We offer a full range of decoilers for coils of 50 kg to 25 tonnes.
The range of widths is from 10 mm to 2000 mm.
The permissible coil diameter can be up to 2100 mm on the largest models. For decoiling coils of various widths and weights.

2210 Horizontal Decoiler 1800 kg

2302 Decoiler 30 kg

S2310 Decoiler 200kg

D2310 Decoiler 2 x 200kg

S2330 Decoiler 500kg

D2330 Decoiler 2 x 500 kg

S2350 Decoiler 1250kg

D2352 Decoiler 2 x 1250kg

S2371 Decoiler 3000kg

D2371 Decoiler 2 x 3000kg

S2381 Decoiler 4500kg

D2381 Decoiler 2 x 4500kg

S2384 Decoiler 6500kg

D2384 Decoiler 2 x 6500kg

[xa_slide title=”Feeder” openclose=”” icon=”download”]ADEQUATE PERFORMANCE LEVELS
The decoiling line must under no circumstances limit the performance of the cutting line.
By its dynamics, its accuracy and its reliability, the feeder must allow the movement of the strip in the shortest possible time in order to give the tool-setter the maximum working stroke available.

In most applications the strip feed time is affected more by the acceleration of the feeder than by its maximum speed. Thanks to the kinematics optimisation, the DIMECO feeders can reach an acceleration of 25 m/s² and a maximum speed of 200 m/min. For feeding the coil of various widths and thickness values at set parameters

1060 Feeder 2.0 mm

1082 Feeder 3.0 mm

1100 Feeder 6.0 mm

1125 Feeder 6.5 mm

1160 Feeder 10.0 mm
[xa_slide title=”Straightener” openclose=”” icon=”download”]We have developed a range of over 80 straighteners to deal with the various problems of manufacturers, for strips from 0.05 mm to 10 mm thick, with widths up to 2000 mm and sections of up to 8000 mm². For flattening the coils of various materials, widths, and thickness values.

1635 Straightener 1.0 mm

1645 Straightener 3.0 mm

1675 Straightener 4.0 mm

R674 Straightener 4.0 mm

R674.11 Straightener 4.0 mm

1676 Straightener 7.0 mm

R690 Straightener 8.0 mm

[xa_slide title=”Straightener-Feeder” openclose=”” icon=”download”]The MICROPRO® solution is ideal for strip thicknesses of over 1 mm and maximum feed pitches limited to about 800 mm. It is reserved for materials having no appearance constraints. The MICROPRO® straightening performance levels are identical to those of the motor driven straighteners from which their design is taken. They allow short line architectures (3 in 1), without loop or with rear loop.
This is a combination of straightener and a feeder and comes in a single unit

1645 Straightener_Feeder 3.2 mm

R674 Straightener_Feeder 4.0 mm

1675 Straightener_Feeder 4.0 mm

1676 Straightener_Feeder 7.0 mm

R690 Straightener_Feeder 8.0 mm

[xa_slide title=”Three-in-one” openclose=”” icon=”download”]This combines a decoiler and straightener-feeder on a single base and is the most economical space saver solution
L7155 3in1 Line 4.1 mm
[xa_slide title=”Flexilines” openclose=”” icon=”download”]AUTOMATIC FLEXIBLE FORMING LINES
They integrate high technologies in feeding production lines from coils, bending and DNC punching units, roll forming and laser assembling equipment. They are especially recommended for delicate materials : pre-painted, aluminium, polished, copper metal sheets.

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[xa_slide title=”Cut-to-length lines” openclose=”” icon=”download”]Cut-to-length line, takes coils, unrolls it, straightens and cuts it to desired length sheet. They are also known as blanking lines or shear lines.
Cut-to-length lines can be start/stop with a straightener-feeder (short line) or with a free loop (long line).

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Our products come with accessories and adaptations to suite customer needs.
We also have equipment beyond the range specified in the catalogue.
Please get in touch with us for details regarding such equipment.

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